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Two Men In Bellflower Try to Rob a Jewelry Store

Early on Wednesday morning, two men decided to try to rob a local jewelry store in order to make a quick buck. However, they were not ready for the security measures that the jewelry store takes in order to keep their merchandise safe from people such as these two. As the men entered the store, they began looking around as if they were interested in purchasing a piece of jewelry for their wives. As they

figured out which items were worth the most, one of the men pulled out a gun from his waistline and demanded that the lady at the counter fill up a bag with the most expensive jewelry in the store. The woman behind the counter immediately pressed a panic button located behind the counter and activated a silent alarm as she began to slowly fill up a bag with jewelry. The two men were careful to not show their face to the camera and did their best to not touch anything so that they would not leave any fingerprints anywhere in the store. However, they were unaware of the alarm and thought that they had time to get as much jewelry as possible. They did not count on the Bellflower police getting there within minutes of the activation of the silent alarm. When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, the two men immediately surrendered as the police pointed their weapons at the two suspects. The two suspects were then detained peacefully and were taken to jail. The store did not suffer any damages and did not lose any pieces of jewelry to the suspects. This goes to show you the power of having a silent alarm in any store. The ordeal was resolved peacefully because of the quick thinking of the jewelry store attendant and the men were unable to leave the store with any stolen merchandise. The woman responsible for the two men's arrest told our reporter that this was not the first time that she was robbed and she knew exactly what to do the second the two men walked in. She said that they looked suspicious as they were asking questions about the jewelry and purposely brought the suspects closer to the panic button behind the counter. The woman handled this situation exceptionally and is grateful that she was able to go home without any tragedy that day.

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