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City Of Bellflower, CA

City Of Bellflower Ca

Bellflower is a one of the larger cities in the Los Angeles County, and is considered a suburb area of Los Angeles. Bellflower was incorporated on September 3, 1957 soon after World War II. The city has a population north of 77,000 people, with a noticeable growth since the year 2000, when the population of bellflower counted for 72,800 pepole.


In the early 1900s, the city was famous for having orchards of the bellefleur apple, which later on contributed in giving the name Bellflower to the incorporated community.


Also in the 1900s, Bellflower and neighboring Paramount served as the leading and main producer of apples and dairy product in Southern California. Farmers from Dutch, Japanese, and Portuguese descent helped optimize the apple and dairy farming industry in the area.


The rapid real-estate boom, and the rising demand for land to utilize in building more housing divisions after WWII has forced farmers to move towards “The Dairy Valley” currently known as the north-east area of Orange County. Farmland was used to build housing divisions to accommodate the rising middleclass White American population, which mainly worked in the rising high-tech, service and skilled industries.


Bellflower Boulevard, the city’s biggest and mainstream road, was and still a popular spot shopping and dining. It experienced many grand-openings for restaurants, retail shops, banks, middle and high end boutiques and strip malls. This also contributed to the growth of economy in the area. Information by Best Bail Bonds.

city of bellflower california
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