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Bellflower Bail Bonds FAQs :











What is a bail bond?

Bail Bonds are also called a “surety bond,” which is defined as a contract that a bail agent creates. In order to be able to create one, the bail agent must be licensed and backed by an insurance company. The contract is a guarantee that the bail agent will post the full bail amount on behalf of the client and he or she will take full responsibility for the bail amount if the defendant fails to show up to his or her court date.




What happens when you are arrested?

What happens when someone is arrested could differ from state to state; however, it usually follows the same generic process. You will be taken to the nearest jail where you must go through the booking process, which could take anywhere from half an hour to several hours. After that you could be bailed out of jail or you could remain in jail until the next possible court date to see a judge, which is usually in the next few days. If you have anymore questions or need to bail someone out of jail, please call us at any time and one of our agents will be more than happy to help you out.




How long does it take to complete the bail bond process?

The time a bail bond takes to complete may differ from state to state, but they also follow the same overall process. The bail bond process includes some paperwork and visiting the jail in order to turn in the paperwork. No bail bond can be completed until the inmate has completed the booking process, which takes anywhere from half an hour to several hours depending on how busy the jail is at that time. However, once the inmate is cleared for bail, the bail agent could get him or her released within the hour, again, depending on how busy the jail is.




How is the bail amount decided?

The bail amount depends on many factors that the court looks over. The arrestee’s charges for being arrested and whether or not he or she has been arrested before could impact how much the bail amount is. They will also look at how severe the charges are and will determine a price that will ensure that the inmate will not commit these crimes again.




How do I pay for a bail bond for Bellflower jail?

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, cash, or a personal check as payment for a bail bond. We also offer the option of setting up a payment plan or financing to accommodate those that cannot come up with the full 10% of the bail amount.




How much do bail bonds cost in Bellflower?

The price of the bail bond is not up to the bail agent or company. The law clearly states that in order for someone to get a bail bond, they must pay no more or less than 10% of the full bail amount no matter the circumstance. This fee is so that the bail company can take the risk of bailing someone out of jail.




How does financing a bail bond work?

If you choose to finance a bail bond, then we may have to collect some form of collateral in order to complete the process. One of our agents will work with you over the phone in order to set up a payment plan that works around your budget. If you have any more questions regarding payment plans and financing, feel free to contact Sunrise Bail Bonds Bellflower 24/7.




What are my responsibilities for bailing out a loved one?

If you bail someone out of jail, you will have to sign a contract stating that the inmate will appear to their assigned court date. You essentially, will be taking full responsibility for the inmate and it will be your job to make sure that the defendant shows up to court. If the inmate fails to show up to court, then we will contact you regarding the full bail amount.




What do I do if I don’t show up to court?

If you fail to show up to court, don’t worry; it is not the end of the world. You will just have to contact your bail agent immediately and he or she will be able to help you out. The bail agent will just have to call the courthouse and explain you situation so that they could assign you another court date that fits your schedule.




When do I receive my collateral back?


If you need to give us some form of collateral to complete your bail bond, then you could expect to get it back once the case is finished. The point of collateral is so that we have some way of paying the full bail amount if the defendant fails to show up to court.

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