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Bellflower Standoff Ends Fatally

Earlier this week a man was believed to be armed held a female hostage and barricaded himself inside a location in Bellflower. The standoff began early in the morning in the 8800 block of Artesia Boulevard according to one of the deputies on the scene. The Sheriff’s Special Weapons Team was sent to the scene and the standoff lasted till late this morning according to the officials in charge of the investigations regarding the hostage situation. The standoff finally ended when a deputy on scene shot and killed the suspect holding the woman hostage. After some investigation, police believe that the woman involved in the hostage situation may have been the suspect’s wife or girlfriend. Because this incident just occurred, investigators have not released that much information regarding the identities of the two people involved or the motive for this incident. We still do not know who called the police or if this started as a domestic disturbance, but we will keep you updated as soon as we get more information. Blog by Best Bail Bonds Bellflower.

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