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Chase suspects slam BMW into a semi at end of high-speed pursuit; 4 taken into custody in Long Beach

After authorities received a report of a residential burglary in the Walnut area, and just before 7:20 a.m on Tuesday morning, they began a wild chase for four suspects that ended in a crash in the middle of the 91 Freeway in the north Long Beach area.

One suspect at least was linked to the morning reported burglary as per the investigators.

According to CHP, the suspected driver was identified as Dyllin Pressy, 23, from Las Vegas, Nevada. The driver led the authorities on a pursuit that varied from the 605 Freeway to the 91 Freeway.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department personnel began chasing the driver in the Baldwin Park area then the chase was taken over by the California Highway Patrol.

The vehicle - a BMW - had visible damage to its bumper, and as the chase continued, one tire of the vehicle was down to its rim, throwing up sparks, and still, the driver continued the pursuit.

The driver was driving in a crazy way that nearly hit every vehicle that passed his way since it was busy morning traffic. The driver continued until the back bumper completely broke off. He ended up crashing into a semi-truck on the 91 Freeway in the north Long Beach area. After the four suspects were taken into custody, one of them appeared to have been injured.


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