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Why Choose Our Bail Service!

Here at Bellflower Bail Bonds we have many years of experience in the bail bond industry and in the field of criminal Justice. So, we know how to quickly and effectively offer the key to freedom to whomever is in jail. You can rely on us to rapidly and confidently evaluate your situation and set the wheels quickly in motion to Bring him or her Home. Perhaps more importantly, all of us here have families, and we will work as diligently for your family as we would for our own.


Our mission is to make it as simple as possible to bond someone out, to remove the hurdles and red tape that other bonds agencies present, to use the latest technology to ensure that whomever sits in jail will not have to suffer one more night away from their loved ones, and, quite simply, to bring him or her Home as quickly as possible. Our company promise is that nobody can do this quicker than we can,

Our Mission:

Our goal is to provide professional, quick, and reliable service for all jails in Bellflower CA and the neighboring area.

Our Philosophy:

Nobody should have to be away from their family and be in jail, awaiting a trial date. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but we work fast. A person could wait in jail for months, perhaps even a year or more, before their case resolves. Call us and we can fix that problem quickly.

Our Promise:

We vow to respond quickly and act on your behalf and interest swiftly and with professional attention to detail. We will act for you with urgency, exactly as we would for a member of our own families. At Best Bail Bonds Bellflower, we bring experience and an old-fashioned work ethic to our business. We treat our clients, all from wide-ranging backgrounds, with kindness and respect.

We are here for you, and we will work with you in any way we can to bring your loved one, friend, or associate home.
Freedom and relief are one call away…

  • The fastest bond office around.

  • Attentive, professional, honest and experienced.

  • Quick approvals on bonds

  • We are pioneers in successful results in our area and around

  • We don’t sleep because the jails never close

  • Reasonable payment plans available

  • NO bond is too high.

  • …. because jail sucks.

Bellflower bail bonds process.

When you want to know more about how bail bonds work, it’s often best to start at the beginning. Below is a complete overview of how the bail bond process works in Bellflower CA, starting with an individual’s arrest and ending with their court obligations and exoneration of the bail bond.

When someone is arrested and taken into custody by law enforcement, their first stop is going to be the closest sheriff or police station. In Bellflower is the Norwalk Jail, which is located at 12335 Civic Center Drive Norwalk, CA 90650. Once an arrestee has arrived, he or she will go through the procedure known as booking and processing.

This process is where fingerprints and photographs are taken and a background check is conducted. It can take from 45 mins to 8 hours or more to complete. Once finished, bail is set pursuant to the California Bail Schedule in the county where the person was arrested.

The Bail Schedule is used by a panel of judges who dictate bail amounts for various crimes. This allows the jail to set bail for an inmate without first having to see a judge.
Once bail has been set, and they are allowed bail, an inmate can either post bail to get out of jail before their trial, or they can simply wait in custody until their trial date.

The first thing you should do is to call and speak with a licensed, professional bail bondman like the ones we have in our company here at Best Bail Bonds Bellflower.
He or she will ask you few quick questions pertaining to the inmate and their arrest, and the process is officially begun!

Using the information attained from you by our high trained bail bondsman, a bail application contract will be drawn up. It is not a very long document and can easily be completed via fax or email if you are unable to meet with our agent face to face.

Once the necessary paperwork has been filled out and payment has been arranged, your personal arranged by us bail bondsman will be sent to the jail to post the bond. Bail bonds can be posted as jails in the area of California 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, no matter when you decide to begin the bail bond process, your friend or loved one will not have to wait for the jail’s business hours in order to be released.

Now that you know how the bail process works, you are probably wondering how much a bail bond cost. The total bail amount will vary depending on the number and severity of the crime (s) that an individual is charged with. However, no matter how much or how little their bail is set at, the cost of a bail bond will always be 10% of the total bail amount. Therefore, if the total bail amount is set at 20.000 dollars, the cost of a bail bond will be 2.000 dollars.

Once the paperwork is completed, and the bond has been paid for, the agent will post the bond and the defendant will be released on bail. It can take 45 minutes to 12 hours for the defendant to be released once the bond is posted depending on the jail, staff and circumstances of the defendant.

The signer of the bail bond (indemnitor) now assumes financial responsibly for ensuring that the defendant appear in court at each appointed date (s). They should check on the defendant and make sure they fulfill all court dates. That’s another one task that our office will help you with and our agents will continue to be at your disposal any time of the day every day.

As such, should the defendant fail to meet all of their court obligations, the signer would be required to pay the court the full-face amount of bail, whatever the cost may be. Because of this, it is important the signer only to bail out someone that they trust completely.

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How bail bonds work in Bellflower, CA!
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